Our ocean sees over 24 million pounds of trash and plastic dumped into it every day.


QUOTE “People are trying to solve problems one thing at a time. It seemed to me, if I put these three things together, Plastic Pollution, Homelessness, and Marine Animal Welfare they solved each other.”         Ian Woolfson (Founder)

  • Clean the Oceans

  • Create quality low-cost housing for those in need

  • Power our trawlers with biofuel made from the plastic waste

  • Save the marine life, especially the Whale Shark

  • Change the World

  • Raise awareness of the danger these plastics cause to our food source, oceans, and marine life

  • Raise the necessary funds to increase the scale and speed of our clean-up.

  • Develop entire eco-villages, based on our re-purposed eco-blocks

  • House 1million homeless around the world


Changing the world requires passion, energy, and most importantly people like you. We are building a community of people who take responsibility and don't leave problems for other generations to fix.

If governments won't do it and industry won't do it then for the sake of our planet WE WILL.

If you would like to be part of a community of people doing something worthwhile please let us know.

The Caribbean and Maldives have been plagued with massive waste deposits, off their coasts, due to the poor inland recycling infrastructure. Each day the plastic accumulation increases faster than most other regions, directly affecting the vast marine ecosystems. These ecosystems include some of the most spectacular creatures on Earth, like the Whale Shark, Manta Ray, and Sea Turtle. Every day that passes without a solution, is one day closer to the irreparable destruction of some of the world's most beautiful destinations.  

The Ocean Home Foundation is dedicated to cleaning up the Caribbean and Asian oceans, and recycling the plastic waste into several products that will aid us in future clean up activities:

 1) Recycled Eco-Blocks to create sustainable housing low-income families

2) Carbon-neutral biofuel to power the cleanup trawlers and operations

3) Local commerce and economic opportunities

This year the Ocean Home Foundation is dedicated to cleaning up the Caribbean and Maldive oceans while also providing fully recycled eco-housing for low-income families using the plastic waste gathered. Utilizing new technology, we are able to fully reuse any and all recycled ocean plastic to make building blocks for our eco-homes. Each eco-home will be entirely made of the ocean plastic sourced off the coasts of the Carribean and the Maldive islands.

It is our hope, that by repurposing the Island's trash, we will create a fully self-supporting infrastructure providing much needed and affordable accommodation, economic opportunities for the locals and cleaner foodchain. The possibilities are endless with the eco-blocks and the positive effects are enormous.



By cleaning up the ocean and recycling it into low-income housing we combine can solve 5 of the most pressing problems at once:

Ian Woolfson has been an avid Scuba Diver, a commercial Diver, a PADI Instructor and an active advocate for marine wildlife preservation, rescue, and research for over 30 years.


As a keen diver, he was becoming increasingly disturbed by the level of plastic and trash he came across while diving. His first experience with a Whale Shark was in Thailand whilst working as a researcher and instructor.  The experience touched Ian so much that he has made it his life's mission to help protect the future of these incredible fish by cleaning-up the ocean.

As well as this his goal is to also to set-up a Whale Shark Island Dive Research Center, and peaceful retreat, designed to educate young people on marine conservation.


 “My first time in the water with a Whale Shark was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, for an hour it was like having a 10-meter puppy dog following me around, it really was an incredible connection.”


Since then, Ian has funded his way around the world researching the key aspects of his mission. How to best clean up the plastic island in the ocean, marine conservation and local socio-eco stability, especially homelessness. 

Ever in search of more resources, knowledge, and experiences Ian set up the Foundation with the goal of cleaning, building, preservation and educating.

Founder Ian Woolfson 


Throwing things away is what most people have grown up doing. This is a bad habit we must begin to curb to keep the planet alive


What is most demoralizing is the amount of plastic clean up operations turning their plastics into recycled trinkets and other products that have a very high chance of ending up back in the ocean where they came from.  We wanted to actually STOP the cycle.


"While we may not be able to stop consumerism we don't have to add to it. We have to break the cycle somewhere and I believe that we have begun a chain reaction that will have lasting effects on the health of our whole planet" Ian Woolfson (Founder)

That was when he came up with the idea to use the plastics to solve the pressing issue of low-income housing. These houses can not end up back in the oceans and cannot end up in the garbage or down the sink. In fact they are built to be fully recycled into new bricks at the end of their life and used again and again.




OCEAN HOME aim is to become an invaluable part of the local lives of those living in Belize and the Maldives. With each day, Ocean Home is committed to relieving the destruction bought about by the increase in ocean trash. It's our hope that we can create a better home for the sea-life of this planet, while also creating new eco-homes for those in need in nations across the globe.

Ocean Home works alongside the Belize Whale Shark Foundation to better protect the beautiful, local species of the Indian and Atlantic Ocean. Our hope is to create a better home for the animals of the sea while also creating new eco-friendly housing for everyone. The Belize Whale Shark Foundation is committed to teaching people the importance and wonders of the sea and all that live in it, striving to be the figurehead in the world's ocean rejuvenation projects. 


501(c3) CHARITY STATUS: Ocean Home Foundation is currently pending 501(c3) and relevant charity status in both USA and AU. This is a long process and we wanted to get our clean up started urgently.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at info@OceanHomeFoundation.org


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