Removing plastic from the world's most polluted oceans 

When just 25 people commit to donating just $1.50 a day, amazing things can happen. Marine life can be saved and ecosystems can be restored. 

Just 25 people committing to $1.50 a day gives us the ability to pick up around 2 miles of trash, plastic and other junk every single week.*

2 miles of plastic removed from out of the ocean can make enough recycled composite bricks to build 3 eco homes for low income families

There is approximately 50,000 tonnes of plastic and garbage waste covering 5,000,000 m2 in the Caribbean. The more of us that take responsibility for fixing this problem the faster we can do.


Donors needed

Giving per day

Eco homes possible *


That's like skipping 1 coffee a week to save the planet.

$5 per week   (0.71c per day)

84,000 People donating at this rate will get it done *



That's like skipping 2 coffees a week to save the planet.

$10 per week  ($1.42 per day)

50,000 People donating at this rate will get it done *



That's like skipping 6 coffees a week to save the planet.

$30 per week    ($4.28 per day)

7,000 People donating at this rate will get it done *


To clean up 1sq mile  = $5000 approx

This also provides enough eco-blocks for 2 small low-income houses. Every dollar helps us remove a few more metres of ocean garbage from some of the biggest ocean garbage patches on Earth.


  • Clean the Asian Ocean of all plastics

  • Power our trawlers with biofuel made from the plastic waste

  • Save the marine life, especially the Whale Shark

  • Develop entire eco-villages built with our re-purposed eco-blocks

  • House 1 million people suffering homelessness around the world


Utilising new technology, we are able to fully reuse any and all recycled ocean plastic to make building blocks for our eco-homes. Each eco-home will be entirely made of the ocean plastic sourced off the coasts of the Caribbean and the Maldives.

It is our hope that by repurposing the island's trash, we can create a fully self-supporting infrastructure: designed to give those in need extra support and affordable accommodation, while also providing economic opportunities with new labour needs and business opportunities for the local community.


The possibilities are endless with the eco-blocks, and the positive effects are enormous.

*Numbers rounded. based on voluntary donations over 12-24 month. Amount cleaned up and houses built subject to weather conditions, government restrictions, exchange rates and other factors. We have done our best to approximate accurate figures however the actual amount required may be more or less. 


501(c3) CHARITY STATUS: Ocean Home Foundation is currently pending 501(c3) and relevant charity status in both USA and AU. This is a long process and we wanted to get our clean up started urgently.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at


+61 421 284 268

PO Box 3371
Burleigh town
QLD 4220


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